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Are you an international student? - GalaxyEducation

Are you an international student?

Are you an international student?

If you are, you have come to the right spot! International students who come to Australia for further education may wish to live her longer or permanently! And here is the best part – we may be able to advise you the pathway for your Temporary residence or Permanent residence based on your circumstances. Which applies to you?

Student Visa extension:

If you are finishing up with your current studies and are thinking of further study either to enhance your learning further or to delve into different course of study, come and talk to us. With over hundreds of courses and education providers to choose from, there is surely a match of course and education provider we can find for you! We will counsel you about the course, curriculum, the education provider facilities and more. Let us do the hard work and you can relax!

Finished your study:

Then you may want to explore the option of extending your stay in Australia on a Temporary Graduate visa. Come and talk to us so we can advise you about your eligibility, documentation requirements and visa application procedure.

General Skilled Migration:

You completed your study and want to migrate permanently in Australia! Sure, let us analyze your circumstance and your eligibility! We will manage your application from the EOI (Expression of Interest) to the visa application and decision stage. Come and talk to us.

Company Sponsorship:

If you have a job offer with an Australian company, it may be possible for you to be sponsored for temporary or permanent residence. Let us guide you through the complex process which entails nomination application and visa application.

Partner Migration:

If you have an Australian Spouse, partner or Fiance, it is possible for you to be sponsored for Permanent Residence.