Professional Year Learning Program

Professional Year Learning Program

Professional Year Learning PYL is designed for the international students who wish to gain a professional development combining with a formal learning and workplace experience.

The learning provides the students with a relevant practical training who have graduated from a university in Australia. The Professional Year will enhance your employment skill and effective communication as per the market requirements.

Through the program students will gain extensive knowledge of Australian workplace culture and develops confidence in the search for job opportunities. PYL helps develop market specific knowledge in students through training, learning and work experience, preparing them for their further professional careers.

The idea behind the Professional Learning System was to fill the gap between graduating students and market requirements. The program helps students to gain complete professional experience which will ultimately help them with their employment. Professional Year Learning has number of benefits: PYL will enhance professional skills, widens the industrial knowledge and ultimately expands employment opportunities PYL helps students learn the basic Australian employment market, workplace culture and practices.

The successful PYL can also help students get an additional points towards Permanent Residency in Australia under the general skilled migration scheme. It helps develop effective communication strategy to deal with colleagues, managers and clients Students can add in their CV a notable work experience in an Australian company through an internship.